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We are a well established Real Estate Agency specialising in the sale of property in Bulgaria.  With our professional guidance and legal advice we can help you make the right choice for a property in Bulgaria.

Balkan Property Services are proud to present an excellent range of properties on the Black Sea coast and in the top ski resorts of Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets, as well as in the capital, Sofia.

We specialise in the sale of property in Bulgaria in the following areas:

  • Widest range of apartments, villas and houses on the Black Sea coast and in all the top resorts of Kavarna, Balchik, Albena, Kranevo, Golden Sands, Varna, Elenite, St Vlas, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Ravda, Pomorie, Bourgas, Sozopol, Lozenec and Ahtopol.
  • Great selection of off-plan properties in all the top ski resorts of Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets.
  • Prestigious villas and apartments in great locations of the capital, Sofia, close to Mount Vitosha.
  • Our professional team is here to help you find the right Bulgarian property investment for you.


Let us guide you through the process of making your new home a Bulgarian property. We look forward to assisting you to buy a property in Bulgaria

About Us

Bulgaria Property Services specialises exclusively in property sales in Bulgaria. Our team is fully experienced in the sale of property in Bulgaria. The company office in Bulgaria is located in Sunny Beach and is represented by a team of property professionals. We have a wealth of experience in Bulgarian property. We have lengthy experience of the property investment market in Bulgaria. We are now pleased to operate on the UK market and offer an excellent choice of Bulgarian properties and professional services. In the UK our team has a long experience in the service industry in Bulgaria and in dealing with UK and Irish tourists to Bulgaria.
We are delighted to offer a wide selection of Bulgarian properties – off plan apartments, villas, chalets, and houses – on the Black sea coast, in the ski resorts and also in Sofia, as well as our professional and legal guidance throughout the process of buying a property. Our partners in Bulgaria are all well established and leading Bulgarian property development companies. With our professional support and legal advice we guarantee a smooth and secure process for our customers for buying property in Bulgaria.
We appreciate that investing in a property abroad is a big step and our main purpose is to guide you through the process and to help you make the right choice. With our professional guidance and legal advice you can buy:
– Residential property – apartments, villas, chalets or houses in the most popular Black sea, coastal resorts such as Albena, Golden Sands, St Vlas, Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Sozopol and the main ski resorts of Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets and more.
– Residential property – apartments or houses in select areas of Sofia or the suburbs close to Vitosha.
We also offer properties and houses in attractive areas in the smaller areas of Bulgaria such as Kavarna, Kranevo, Balchik, Ravda and Pomorie away from the hustle and bustle suitable for long relaxing holidays or living in all year round.

About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a relatively small country with a total area of 111 000 sq. km. It is famous for its natural beauty and mild climate. The capital, Sofia, is situated in the Western part of the country with over 1,000,000 citizens. Sofia is the highest capital in Europe (550m) and is a modern, attractive city. It is dominated by the Vitosha mountain to the south which is home to the famous ski resort, Vitosha.

The Black sea is on the Eastern side of Bulgaria. It has a 380 km. long coastal strip with superb golden beaches with many resorts and holiday places. The hotest month is July when the temperature of the sea water reaches 27C. The most famous resorts are Sunny Beach, Golden sands, Sozopol and Albena. There are many other resorts and vacation areas which have gained a popularity in recent years with bulgaria property investors – such as Elenite, Ravda, Lozenez, etc.

The highest mountain on the Balkan peninsula is in the south of Bulgaria and is called Rila (m. Musala – 2925m). This is where the Rila monastery is located – the largest monastery in the Balkans and the “7 Rila lakes” – alpine lakes with unusual shapes. Both are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are a further 15 mountains in Bulgaria with their own characteristic features. There are deep valleys and high plateaus and more than 550 curative, natural mineral springs and many Spa resorts with recreational facilities. The hotest, natural mineral spring is in Banya near Plovdiv where the temperature of the spring is 102C.

The most picturesque region of all is the Rose valley. The valley is spread along a 180 km area in the Thracian with beautiful plantations of roses. Bulgaria is famous for supplying about 75% of the world export of rose oil which is a key ingredient in most cosmetic products. There are many other natural phenomena such as 2000 magnificent caves where the first traces of human settlements were found dating back to 200,000 years ago.

Bulgaria’s vegetation is ranked amongst the best in the Central European forest region where the influence of the South Russian and Asia Minor regions can be felt. The higher part of Bulgarian mountains is covered by sub -Arctic vegetation, among which juniper forests predominate. In fact, Bulgaria boasts 3000 higher plant varieties – almost twice as many as in England.

More then one quarter of the country’s territory is covered with forests. The Edelweiss, which grows in places difficult to access in the Pirin Mountains and the Balkan Range, is one of the rare plants growing in the country.

The fishing industry is very well developed. There are many fishing areas on the sea and on the rivers. Also fishing is possible in the lakes, dams and mountain brooks.

Buying Process

Bulgaria Property Purchase – Legal Advice

Buying your Bulgarian property is a relatively easy process. It normally takes up to 30 days to purchase a house, villa or apartment. We at Bulgaria Property Services are here to help you to choose the right property and to give you professional advice on the purchasing process.

Bulgaria has a liberal policy towards foreign investors in property, but there are a few things you will need to consider. There are several ways in which you can buy your property in Bulgaria. If you are purchasing a resale property you will need to either establish a limited liability company (Ltd.) or choose one of the following ways to become an owner:

Establishing a joint venture within existing local companies

Setting up a new venture
Foreign investors in Bulgarian property can open bank accounts denominated in local or foreign currency. There is no restriction on the amount which a company may deposit. The Bulgarian government’s policy towards foreign investment is positive and encouraging. This can only mean foreign investors in Bulgaria property will benefit from the future prosperity of the country.

We can handle the whole process of your investment in property in Bulgaria for you. Our English speaking Bulgarian lawyers can provide all the necessary legal services you need such as:

Registration of limited companies for resale properties

Legal consultation and all necessary legal services and representations
Our company can also take care of the following arrangements for you:

  • Travel arrangements for your viewing trip to Bulgaria
  • Transport and accommodation in Bulgaria
  • Full escort and guidance by our professional overseas representatives
  • Advice on any matter that concerns your purchase



There is a “tax estimation value” and a “purchase price” of real estate in Bulgaria. The “tax estimation value” is used for property taxation purposes and can be lower than the purchase price. Many of the Bulgarian property owners prefer to write the “tax estimation value” in the title deeds. There may therefore be a discrepancy between the price written in the title deeds and the price that you are paying. There are historical reasons for this practice, however we can assist you and negotiate owners on this matter. Please inform us well in advance if you would like our assistance in relation to this matter.

The customary term for the owner of a property to move out after completion of a sale is one month. This can be negotiated on if the buyer requires a shorter term. If so, you should ask for our assistance in good time to enable us to negotiate with owner to reduce the term of occupation.

If you wish to purchase a property through our company you will need to pay a reservation fee which will be non refundable in case you decide not to proceed with a purchase.

If you reserve a property through our company you will need to place a reservation fee as required by the developer and not later than 7days after your property has been reserved. If you fail to place the deposit as required, the property will be released automacally back on sale without further notice.


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